It all happened so fast — and it keeps happening faster.

If Ariana Grande was having a turbulent year when Sweetener dropped back in August, her life has only gotten crazier in the less than three months since then. In early September, Grande’s ex-boyfriend Mac Miller died of an overdose, inspiring an army of contemptible Twitter trolls and a few less-than-thoughtful journalists to insinuate she somehow caused the rapper’s death by breaking up with him. A few weeks later, Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels revealed Grande had backed out of her gig performing on the show’s season premiere due to emotional distress, information I’m sure Grande would have preferred to keep private. And a few weeks after that, her whirlwind engagement to SNL comedian Pete Davidson came to its inevitable end.

All that upheaval seemed to happen at a brisk pace, but it had nothing on the passive-aggressive war between Grande and Davidson that has played out in the media this past week. Last Thursday, in a promo for the first SNL episode since their breakup, Davidson fake-proposed to musical guest Maggie Rogers. Grande wasn’t too happy about it. And when word got out that SNL was planning to air a sketch about Grande this week, she served up a preemptive strike, surprise-releasing a new single that name-checked Davidson and three more of her former boyfriends — at 11PM Saturday, just 30 minutes before SNL went on the air.